Why You Should Launch Your Business in Portland, Maine

Nov 23, 2015

Portland, Maine stands out as a small city where entrepreneurs have the resources to succeed. NerdWallet ranked Portland as the ninth best city for female entrepreneurs and the fifth best city overall for starting a business this year. The amount of venture capital that reached Maine companies in the first quarter of 2015 alone had not been seen since 1998, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Why is Portland such a dynamic and business-friendly town? Maine’s history of underemployment has sparked a number of institutions intended to support entrepreneurs. The Maine Venture Fund, established in 1995, has received $13 million to invest in startups.  FAME, the Finance Authority of Maine, offers assistance programs to businesses such as investment tax credits and loan insurance.

For the past two years, Portland has hosted Maine Startup and Create Week (MSCW). MSCW is a series of workshops and networking events for creatives, entrepreneurs and members of the business community to meet, collaborate, and share knowledge. These projects and institutions show how Maine and particularly Portland supports startups and small businesses.

Maine is also a state where business leaders are unafraid to integrate their values with their business ideas. American Roots, founded one month ago, sells highly ethical Maine-made fleece clothing. GrandyOats, a company based in Hiram, is the first New England food facility to be net zero, using a 100% solar-powered facility. Maine is a place where value-driven enterprises can thrive.

At Opus Consulting Group, we are thrilled to be launching Opus Ventures, a venture capital fund that creates sustainable local jobs in a variety of sectors including alternative medicine, emergent industries and high-growth technology. Opus Ventures partners the business know-how of an experienced management consulting team with the power of venture capital.


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