View Corridors & Waterfront Access

May 27, 2015

cpb2 samllAs a native to Munjoy Hill and someone who works directly in the Old Port I am excited about this new development project that will greatly enhance the area where I live and work. CPB2 LLC is the company seeking to redevelop the property just north of where the old port ends and where Munjoy Hill starts. I have been following CPB2’s progress for some time and wanted to share with the community what an excellent plan they have to advance the space and truly make a positive impact on Portland. I have attended several open houses and learned that the teams vision was generated through careful study of the Eastern Waterfront Master Plan. One such example is the design of view corridors that would protect roughly 150 feet of ocean view space and allow direct access to the waterfront for Munjoy Hill residents like myself. June 1st is the city council vote which will determine the future direction of the space. At this point I wanted to pass along a recent newsletter I received asking for a call of action in support of CPB2’s plan. See the link to help shape Portland!

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