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Apr 3, 2013

Jacques Santucci and Brian Eng are experts in the area of Exit Strategy Planning with years of experience assisting businesses of various industries and sizes. URBusinessNetwork host Kerri Salls interviewed Jacques and Brian for the Exit This Way Radio Show. During the interviews Jacques and Brian discuss the importance of having an exit plan, Opus CG’s process and expertise. Tune in below.


      Jacques Santucci-Exit This Way.mp3 (47 min)

      Brian Eng- Exit This Way Part 2.mp3 (16 min)

      Brian Eng- Exit This Way Part 1.mp3 (14 min)

Exit Strategy Planning is a global trend whereby skilled advisors assist business owners with the eventual step of leaving their business.  The Exit Strategy Consultant specializes in finding the Exit Option which is most desired by the business owner given their mental and financial situation.  The interviews educate on what exit strategy planning is and why it is so important.

Today our aging pyramid is very top heavy meaning we have more people nearing retirement than we do entering the labor force. This aging pyramid, as it relates to business ownership, means that an increasing number of owners will be placing their business on the market and driving competition for business-acquisitions in favor of buyers. Someone looking to sell their business in near future must have a plan that helps them increase their business’ performance and places it in favorable terms to potential buyers.  Tune in on the links above to learn more.

We hope you find the interviews educational and that you have started thinking in terms of your Exit. Contact us for a complimentary consultation for you and your clients.


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