The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – 2024

May 22, 2024 | Opus News & Events

My colleague Mike Ascanio and I participated to the annual Distinguished
Gentleman’s Ride this past Sunday, May 19 th 2024. We met with 30 other riders
downtown Portland, ME, all dapper and dressed up nice on our motorcycles.

You’re probably wondering why I am mentioning this and what it is…! The
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual motorcycle ride that unites classic and
vintage-styled motorcycle riders from all over the world to raise funds and awareness
for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health.

Overall, this past Sunday, over 112,000 motorcycle enthusiasts participated in over
950 rides in 105 countries and all together we raised more than $7 million
worldwide, bringing people together to benefit medical research and improving
mental health.

Our Maine group raised over $13,000 for this event. More than last year! I have been
participating for over 5 years now and every year, there is more interest in this event.
Our effort brings awareness to this cause.

This year, Opus Consulting also contributed to the organization of the local ride. The
backdrop makes the picture even nicer, almost more official and for sure more fun for
the participants.

As you read this, maybe it’ll make you donate or decide that you’ll join us next year in
the DGR ride, as a rider, or on the back of a bike!

Donate here!

Backdrop made here

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