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Strategic Planning & Analysis

Strategy is something businesses translate into practice every day, but at the defining moments of a company’s evolution it is often appropriate to bring in outside perspectives to offer expert analysis on the steps ahead. From startups looking to get their vision rolling, to seasoned companies looking to transition over to new owners and markets, Opus Consulting is trusted as a strategic partner.

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Strategic Advisory

As organizations charter a path forward in times of high uncertainty, they need compelling and decisive insights to make the right decisions.

With years of experience helping small and large companies adapt and improve their business models, Opus Consulting provides support and guidance to business leaders where the stakes are high and when time is of the essence. The Opus team is able to quickly understand, assess, challenge, and solve complex business issues facing its clients, with execution in mind at all times. Opus Consulting is instrumental in developing and implementing actionable strategic plans to address rapidly changing consumer markets and technologies. Coupled with our operational focus, we deliver a high-impact, holistic, and agile solution to business owners and investors.

Interim & Fractional Management

In times of strong growth, transition, or emergency, Opus Consulting provides ad hoc, expert support to business owners, executives, and shareholders.

Our team offers on-demand expertise and leadership to manage all aspects of a business regardless of its growth stage. With an approach tailored to each situation, our engagements range from coaching to full-fledged interim CEO services. This flexibility allows our clients to accelerate and better focus on the areas in which they excel. Fractional leadership provides an attractive, cost-efficient alternative in fast-evolving environments. With our laser-focus on business performance and key metrics, our clients trust us to challenge, prioritize, lead and execute their strategic roadmap.

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Exit Planning & Strategy

In most cases, the transition out of the business will be the most significant financial event of a business owners’ life, so why not speak with an experienced professional who will help manage the process? Opus Consulting will map out and execute the transition process for your business to maximize profit and minimize stress. Our exit planning process has five distinct steps:

  • Establish exit goals
  • Measure readiness to exit
  • Learn about your exit options
  • Understand the value of the option you choose
  • Execute a plan to achieve your goals and protect your illiquid wealth

Opus Consulting will help you develop and execute a plan that maximizes the value of your business and allows you to achieve both your personal and business goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Our team of professionals has been involved in M&A transactions for both international companies and local businesses.

We are always looking to create a relationship with our clients to achieve their goals in times of change and transition. Our services include:


  • M&A Strategy / Exit Strategy
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Divestiture
  • Financial Modeling and Business Plan
  • Financing Strategies
  • Post-Transaction Strategy and Implementation
  • Synergy Realization
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"Working with Opus has always been a great experience. We personally enjoy the ability to be fully transparent and feel comfortable bringing any problem we may have."

Justin Hafner

CEO & Founder, Kinotek

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