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Creating a business from the ground up requires short and long-term planning, strategic decision making, and, most of all, great dedication. Opus Consulting understands the commitment our clients have to their new ventures. Our team is here to guide entrepreneurs and founders at every phase of their company’s growth by developing strong strategic business plans, preparing investor pitch decks, strengthening investor relations, and coaching founders through commercializing their business concept. From conducting market research to hiring and resource augmentation, Opus Consulting is committed to helping clients achieve their business goals.

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Market Research

Understanding and scoping target markets is an essential priority for any entrepreneur.

Strategic and tactical decision-making should be informed by reliable quantitative and qualitative data. When data is scarce, our experts leverage multiple, complementary data collection methods to uncover unique insights and make data-driven recommendations. From online data scraping to industry interviews, Opus Consulting tailors its data services to the specific needs of its clients to offer them a complete picture of the size and conditions of the market providing a unique competitive edge.

Business Planning

Implementation is impossible without a plan.

With financial success as our North Star, Opus Consulting helps founders disentangle their diverse, often conflicting ideas and structure them into a clear, prioritized, and actionable business plan. While written business plans are certainly valuable to management teams and investors, we aim to make a much deeper and broader impact with our clients. We help shape business models, plan and orchestrate the work of the different stakeholders, and ensure the timely completion of key project milestones. A well-written strategic business plan is the one document that can be used to achieve the following:


  • Reinforce or create the culture of the organization
  • Share management’s vision
  • Align the efforts of the entire workforce
  • Guide decisions and actions throughout the year
  • Define short and long-term goals
  • Set clear measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals
  • Define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress and instill accountability
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Investor Relations

Scaling a business most often requires seeking external funding from venture capital investors.

Regardless of the company vision and product, it is hard to overstate the importance of an effective investor pitch deck. These presentations need to cover all the critical aspects of the project. While family and friends may be more complaisant, entrepreneurs have only one chance to wow potential investors. Opus Consulting works hand-in-hand with founding teams to build strong, compelling, and visually pleasing investor narratives. Building upon our experience raising funds and funding new ventures, we also coach and support founders to prepare for their meetings with potential investors.

Product Development

Our expertise in new product development can deliver your next product or service offering to your customers more efficiently and effectively.

The team at Opus Consulting understands digital products and their challenges, making our team the ideal partner to design, challenge, and strengthen your product value proposition. Our experts have worked on building products and service offerings for a wide variety of industries. On the road to product-market fit, we help structure and coordinate the development of complex apps, software products, and processes for startups and established companies.

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Hiring & Resource Augmentation

Finding the right talent to grow your business can be a daunting challenge for many founders.

Opus Consulting works with management teams at businesses of all sizes to identify where additional resources are needed in order to scale operations. Our team will assist you in writing effective job postings, reviewing applicants, and conducting interviews. Opus Consulting can serve as an advisor, helping leadership make the right hiring and resource augmentation decisions for the future growth and stability of your business.

"Working with Opus has always been a great experience. We personally enjoy the ability to be fully transparent and feel comfortable bringing any problem we may have."

Justin Hafner

CEO & Founder, Kinotek

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