Operational Performance

Opus seeks to improve a client’s operational performance by strategically aligning its organization and identifying areas for improvement. Opus provides operational assistance as project manager and supports startup clients with project budgeting and management oversight. Often serving as conduit among lenders, investors and entrepreneurs, Opus provides the oversight and expertise needed to move projects forward and close on time.


Productivity Advisory

Opus understands the practices it takes to improve the efficiency of a company’s internal systems, boosting the productivity of a company.  Our professionals can evaluate the processes and logistics of a company to identify impediments to growth.


Sales and Marketing Improvement 

Opus helps client’s asses their strengths and value propositions to inform sales and marketing plans. In providing an experienced outside perspective to the sales and marketing needs of a company, Opus can put together a plan that is designed to boost a company’s revenues from existing clients and attract new ones.


Asset Recovery and Deployment

Opus is experienced in identifying end-of-life unproductive assets and redeploying them to ameliorate their unprofitable nature. Oftentimes these unproductive assets can be successfully redeployed in another department of a business, reducing costs. From equipment, to land, real estate, and surplus inventory, the Opus team supplies clients with the expertise needed to activate unproductive assets to ensure they contribute positively to profitability.


Business Metrics

With experience in evaluating companies across many industries, the Opus team has assembled a keen understanding of known performance indicators that serve as benchmarks to assess your company’s business metrics.


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