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Economic Planning & Analysis

Opus Consulting knows businesses are integral to the success of local economies. The impact of new and growing businesses can have a tremendous effect on the community and is critical to foster long-term, economic growth. Using state-of-the-art simulation software, we connect the dots between the specifics of a new business project and its impact on the local and state economy. Opus Consulting can provide assistance with detailed economic impact analysis, grant writing, and other strategic planning specific to your project.

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Restructuring Advisory

During restructuring, it is often helpful to have outside expertise to advise management.

The team at Opus Consulting can serve as trusted advisors by offering strategic improvements and developing new business models designed for long-term growth. Our consultants will work directly with management to develop a new business plan and align your operations.

Performance Improvement

In order to improve performance, Opus Consulting assesses and develops new operational standards and procedures for businesses in turnaround situations.

Our team concentrates on fixing underlying business challenges with an eye toward revenue growth and lean operational systems.

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Lender Advisory

Opus Consulting helps banks and other lenders assess and improve the performance of their clients to ensure future success and growth.

After evaluating the causes of the business’s problems and assessing the impact of financial forecasts, our team charts a strategy to stabilize cash flow. We provide clients with advice and support during negotiations and in implementing a financial restructuring agreement.

Fiduciary Services

As finance and accounting professionals, the team at Opus Consulting can serve as trustees for all of your business’s fiduciary advisory needs.

Opus has developed strong relationships with financial institutions, assisting its clients in various situations. With the ability to quickly triage a company’s cash flow, Opus consultants work with key stakeholders to find the best solutions for your specific challenges.

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Crisis Management

Opus Consulting can help guide your business in transition periods by offering interim management services and working with key stakeholders to find solutions.

We understand that in times of crisis the stability and continued success of your business operations are of great importance. Opus Consulting has worked on bankruptcy cases as a creditor representative, an examiner, and as chief recovery officer. We have supported clients during a workout process to develop a successful corporate renewal and turnaround plan, including the implementation of a 13-week cash flow model that meets the needs of your business.

"Working with Opus has always been a great experience. We personally enjoy the ability to be fully transparent and feel comfortable bringing any problem we may have."

Justin Hafner

CEO & Founder, Kinotek

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