Financial Performance

Sound financial management lies at the heart of everything a company does. The Opus team is experienced in creating sound financial plans for companies, reinforced with custom financial reporting processes to ensure companies have diligent understanding of their financial performance and projections to plan for the future.


Experts in improving financial performance, Opus has worked with firms of all sizes to refine financial decision-making. By assessing key metrics and developing an industry benchmark analysis, Opus quickly pinpoints areas for opportunity, initiates an improvement plan and creates sustainable profitability. By providing customized financial performance consulting, Opus allows business owners to focus on critical issues.


Interim CFO Management

Opus collaborates with finance teams to determine the best solution for each case. Some companies need to build financial teams from the ground up; for these, Opus provides a hands-on training to a company’s first hires on best practices to poise the company for growth. Other companies may not need a full inhouse team; in these cases, clients may outsource their financial operations to Opus as chief financial officer, so they can concentrate on other aspects of their business.


Cashflow Management 

Opus examines all accounting records including bank statements and accounting entries to identify areas of cashflow improvement. In analyzing balance sheet accounts, contractual documents, and other information, the experts on the Opus team apply best practice in determining a comprehensive assessment of cashflow. By taking an all-encompassing view of a company’s financials, Opus routinely realizes noticeable efficiency improvements to a company’s cashflows.


Financial Modeling and Forecasting 

Opus is experienced in translating the real-world numbers of your business into a detailed financial model that will serve as a guide for future financial projections. Financial modeling is an opportunity to understand the quantitative underpinnings of your business in a manner that will be used as a guide for future decision making. Opus takes a comprehensive look at all revenues and costs to provide 3-5-year financial projections for a company. With this information, Opus can help companies adjust strategies and operations to increase efficiency and profitability.


Bankruptcy Advisory

Opus has worked on bankruptcy cases as examiner or chief recovery officer and has supported clients during a workout process and to develop turnaround plans. With the ability to quickly triage a company’s cash flow, Opus consultants work with key stakeholders to find solutions. Opus has developed strong relationships with financial institutions, assisting its clients in various situations.


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