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Financial Management

Sound financial management lies at the heart of everything a company does. Opus Consulting has developed proven expertise in delivering financial analysis, planning, and management services for clients throughout New England. The Opus Consulting team, comprised of finance and accounting professionals, has worked with firms of all sizes to refine their financial decision-making. Opus Consulting is experienced in creating sound financial plans, reinforced with custom financial reporting processes to ensure that companies have a diligent understanding of their financial performance and projections to plan for the future.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Diligent financial planning and cash flow management are foundational for any successful, future-proof business.

The benefits of a robust FP&A function cannot be emphasized enough: providing an accurate, up-to-date view of the business, planning ahead and identifying potential hurdles early are critical to monitor and improve performance over time. Opus Consulting’s tried and true approach to budgeting and cash flow management makes us an ideal partner for businesses looking to structure or reorganize their finance function. Opus Consulting helps its clients understand, structure, and improve their approach to cash management, providing support to prepare and challenge budget assumptions. We also bring our rigorous and relentless focus on financial performance and our breadth of industry experience to fix and organize budgeting and forecasting processes along with best practices most relevant to the specific needs of our clients.

Financial Modeling

Banks, investors, and other economic development organizations all want to see professional, well-structured financial pro formas before funding business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and companies need to meet their standards and prepare accordingly. Opus Consulting leverages its decades of experience, skills, and resources, to offer advanced modeling services tailored to each organization’s needs. We structure, vet, and project business assumptions to deliver high-quality, clear financial models in close collaboration with our clients.

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Fractional CFO Services

Opus collaborates with finance teams to determine the best solution for each unique case.

Some companies need to build financial teams from the ground up; for these, Opus provides hands-on training to a company’s first hires on best practices to poise the company for growth. Other companies may not need a full inhouse team; in these cases, clients may outsource their financial operations to Opus as chief financial officer, so they can concentrate on other aspects of their business.

Business Valuation

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures involve determining the value of the business units at stake.

As part of its exit planning and mergers and acquisitions support services, Opus Consulting deploys its corporate finance expertise to estimate the value of businesses. We adopt and challenge multiple valuation approaches to best approximate the stand-alone and/or the combined value of a business. Our operational expertise provides us with a hands-on, differentiated approach that highlights potential synergies and other operational improvement opportunities beyond the deal negotiations, paving the way for a successful post-acquisition implementation.

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Financial Reporting & Processes

Growing and established businesses often oversee the importance of reliable, scalable financial reporting processes and systems.

Implementing and adapting them in a timely fashion is critical to sustain business growth and provide an accurate view of business performance. “What gets measured, gets managed”: financial and accounting reporting systems are the foundations of a successful business performance management system. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these kinds of challenges and Opus Consulting accompanies businesses in identifying, designing, and implementing the right, long-term solution for their business.

"Working with Opus has always been a great experience. We personally enjoy the ability to be fully transparent and feel comfortable bringing any problem we may have."

Justin Hafner

CEO & Founder, Kinotek

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