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Economic Planning & Analysis

Opus Consulting knows businesses are integral to the success of local economies. The impact of new and growing businesses can have a tremendous effect on the community and is critical to foster long-term, economic growth. Using state-of-the-art simulation software, we connect the dots between the specifics of a new business project and its impact on the local and state economy. Opus Consulting can provide assistance with detailed economic impact analysis, grant writing, and other strategic planning specific to your project.

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Economic Impact Analysis

Business projects have ripple effects throughout a local economy and beyond.

Large industrial projects or other sector-wide initiatives bring about new jobs and support existing ones across business sectors. Being able to clearly demonstrate the full impact, both direct and indirect, of an investment project is critical to gain support from governmental agencies and other stakeholders. Opus Consulting connects the dots between the specifics of a project and its impact on the local and state economy. Using state-of-the-art simulation software, our team estimates the trickle-down effects and weaves them into a clear and structured narrative.

Government Efficiency

While government and public authorities differ from private businesses in some ways, they face many of the same challenges.

Constrained to deploy their resources in the most efficient way in an uncertain environment, municipal and state agencies need an outside perspective to understand, design, and execute an action plan for improvement. Opus Consulting helps municipalities and other administrative bodies formalize their strategic plans and improve their efficiency, thereby maximizing the economic impact of tax dollars and taxpayers’ satisfaction.

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Grant Writing

Seeking grant funding for business projects is a very attractive route, but it can also be a steep one.

Opus Consulting helps business owners and entrepreneurs in this very time-consuming process and provides the bandwidth to meet tight deadlines. With extensive experience in writing grant proposals and broad business expertise, our team is able to quickly craft compelling project narratives and budgets tailored to the needs of specific grant applications. By freeing internal resources, our clients can better focus on their operations.

Tribal Business Consulting

Native American businesses have very specific challenges and opportunities.

Opus Consulting advises Native American-owned businesses on business strategy and financial management while heeding the specific needs for community building and economic development. Our familiarity with tribal business structures and governance allows us to identify, pursue, and capture business opportunities for our clients. Balancing social, cultural, and financial priorities, Opus Consulting is committed to making a positive business, economic, and social impact for Native American Tribes.


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Legal Cannabis Consulting

As the legal cannabis industry is booming, startups and established operators need support in strategizing and executing their projects.

Opus Consulting provides years of experience in this budding industry in New England and across the United States. Combining deep industry expertise with functional business experience, our team brings a unique competitive edge to its clients. With services ranging from licensing and application support to advanced financial modeling through project management, we provide a one-stop-shop for cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs determined to outgrow the competition.

"Working with Opus has always been a great experience. We personally enjoy the ability to be fully transparent and feel comfortable bringing any problem we may have."

Justin Hafner

CEO & Founder, Kinotek

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