Revisiting a project: Crossroads International Celtic Festival

Dec 19, 2013

DTM_1004Opus Consulting Group and Atlantica Group were happy to help la Société Nationale de l’Acadie (SNA), la Stratégie de promotion des artistes acadiens sur la scène internationale (SPAASI) and its great delegation of artists to penetrate the music market in the United States. The project allowed us to meet with new economic actors involved in the music industry and to solidify Canadian and U.S. agreements for many future opportunities of collaboration. Through this article, we revisit this wonderful project that has led the Acadian artists to break into the U.S. market.

Revisiting the project

DTM_0983The Crossroads International Celtic Festival, for its first year decided to feature the Acadian artists as its guests of honor. While Acadian artists from Atlantic Canada are highly recognized in Europe, the objective of SPAASI is to promote their talent on the American scene, still untapped. To do this, Opus Consulting Group, through Atlantica Group, a consulting firm partner, helped the SPAASI organizing an industry showcase and trade mission during the Festival to feature the Francophone Delegation of Acadian musicians in front of potential American buyers (artists agents, bookers, concert organizers, etc.).

DTM_0970Kerstin Gilg, performing art director at the Maine Arts Commission and one of the instigators of this project states, “This is an excellent example of a cross‐border collaboration and partnership that strengthens the arts and business in both the state of Maine and Atlantic Canada. This festival began as a grassroots project focused on culture that has turned into a platform for economic development. It is definitely generating a positive impact in rural Maine across sectors. I am thrilled that Maine is the chosen location for this international trade initiative.”

DTM_1024Finally, 16 delegates of prestige from more than 10 U.S. eastern states came to listen and interact with the Acadian artists during the Crossroads International Celtic Festival in Newry, Maine the 12th and 13th of September 2013. The American-Acadian Festival created many opportunities for future collaboration between Canada and the United States.

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