Revisiting 2013 with Maud Demazure, Consultant at OCG

Feb 1, 2014

Maud DémazureLast year working with Opus Consulting Group allowed me to solidify many professional connections through working on international projects in France and Canada. I consolidated my skills in key areas of business management including the development of companies, the marketing and branding stages, and the financial management and accounting process.

This year has been a very rewarding experience in all areas. I am extremely grateful toward Jacques Santucci for trusting me and giving me a number of responsibilities that I might not have realized in a career in France.  After meeting and mingling with other professionals in the same industry, we all come to a common agreement that each day can be completely different.

Organization is key in developing a business and given the recent creation of Opus Consulting Group, it was particularly interesting to further develop the Opus brand and be of assistance in organizing it at the ground level. Opus Consulting Group allows for continuous growth taking on new projects each month. Being part of the development phase of Opus Consulting Group has been a privilege for me.

At the end of December 2013, I will return to France to further pursue my career. It is with regret but enriched that I leave the Opus team at the end of 2013. I especially want to thank Jacques Santucci and Andrew Wood, who gave me a lot of time and patience. Their trust and availability have allowed me to grow and learn a lot throughout this year. And let’s not forget to thank all the clients and partners I have worked with during this amazing year at Opus for their consideration and kindness towards me.

Great continuation to everybody and cheers!

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