Protect your Cash and Explore Government Financing Opportunities

Mar 26, 2020

Opus Consulting Group hosted a webinar in partnership with the law firm Murray Plumb & Murray to discuss the critical aspects and steps to safeguard the cash in your business, protect your assets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Congress just approved an unprecendented $2 trillion relief plan, the bill includes $367 billion in loans to support businesses with less than 500 employees and another $500 billion for larger companies. Our webinar covers key elements to consider in the preservation and turnaround of small businesses.

While some challenges are definitely industry-specific, the general principles of our approach apply across the board and we encourage you to watch the full webinar.


You can also download the full slide decks we presented by clicking on the link below.

Finally, the sample Excel model for a 13-week cash flow exercised we mentioned is available through the link below. This Excel spreadsheet presents a high-level, simplified template requiring customization to the specifics of an actual business.

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