Exit planning is a process whereby you, the business owner, are prepared to cash in on your business, take care of your personal goals, and do so in a manner and time period that is accommodating to you. You have spent a multitude of resources creating our business but only a fraction of time is used when preparing for an Exit.  The challenge for most business owners is planning ahead and visualizing their Post Exit lifestyle.  We think it is of crucial importance to spend a good deal of time focusing on what you actually want to achieve with your Business Exit. Opus Consulting Group’s Exit Strategy Plan will assist in answering the following questions relieving uncertainty and positioning you for an optimum exit.

Planning questions:

  1. Will I have enough money after my exit to fund my retirement or my next phase of life?
  2. What are my goals for my life after my exit – what do I want to do next?
  3. Will my business be able to continue without me?
  4. How can I grow the value of my business before I pass it on?
  5. How will  taxes affect my income from the sale of my business?
  6. How will relationships change with my customers, vendors, employees and the community?

Exit Strategy planning raises all of the important questions and issues that need to be addressed.  An exit from the business is a large change and the planning process is about developing answers to challenging questions that help you set the stage for a successful transition out of your business. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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