Wise Words From Philip Congdon, Maine’s new DECD Commissioner

Feb 27, 2011

The Sunday Telegram ran a profile today on Maine’s new Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner with some great direct quotes from the subject himself.


I have not had a chance to meet Commissioner Congdon yet or hear him speak in person.  But from what I have previously heard and his comments in this article, I am very eager to do so.  I have been a supporter of Bruce Poliquin since the first time I met him and am thrilled that he is Maine’s Treasurer.  It sounds like we might have a similarly thoughtful, pragmatic, hardworking public servant at the DECD.  It gives me great hope for the course that Maine’s economy will take over the next couple of years as the broader economy recovers.  Here are some of the great, direct and wise Congdon quotes from the article:

  • “They asked me a question, I gave them an honest answer — was that the wrong thing to do?” (elaborating on his straightforward testimony during his confirmation hearings regarding his specific experience for the Commissioner post)
  • “Managing people is just a lot of common sense.  Most problems are very similar to most other problems.”
  • “A lot of people have a real hard time being truly open when they are trying to work problems — people have personal agendas, generally oriented around career advancement.”
  • “When I came here, I thought that the (Department of Environmental Protection) was the bogeyman and Maine Revenue was right behind them; what I found since I got here is that that’s not the case.  And I’ll freely admit, I came in with the wrong perception.  I’ve seen and asked specific questions and gotten answers.  I think if we can get common sense to prevail that maybe we don’t need to beat so hard on people like DEP. They may be doing things that are over the top, but I haven’t found them yet.”

Straightforward, experienced, people-savvy, thoughtful, hardworking, pragmatic and engaged — these are great leadership qualities.  It seems like our new Treasurer and DECD Commissioner embody these traits.  I’m excited to watch them get to work.

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