Opus View: No on Question 2

Oct 27, 2015

As important as it is to recognize Portland’s historical significance, it is equally as important to keep the city moving forward. This November, the passage of Question 2 on Portland’s municipal ballot puts the city’s future at risk.

To the uninformed, Question 2 (the scenic view initiative), may look like a valiant effort to protect historic views throughout the city. This is not the case. Beneath the surface, the referendum is actually seeking to halt the development of The Portland Company Complex at 58 Fore Street to appease a few individuals operating on their own agenda. The run-down, ghost town-like Portland Company Complex currently provides little economic and recreational benefit to the residents of Portland. The nearly 10-acre site, being developed by CPB2, is in desperate need of revitalization and possesses huge potential to attract new businesses, residents and tourists to the area.

Passage of the referendum proposed in Question 2 could not only sink the development of 58 Fore Street, as it’s nearsightedly intended, but jeopardize growth in the city for years. As management consultants who specialize in strategic planning and future projections, we see no scenario in which the passage of Question 2 benefits anyone except the small group who drafted the referendum.

When we look ahead, we envision a Portland with a thriving economy that embraces development, change and growth. We hope not to see a Portland stuck in the past, tied down because a few people couldn’t bear to see the view outside their window change. Opus does not want to see this referendum kill a truly exceptional development project at 58 Fore Street, nor does it want to see the city handcuffed in the process. For these reasons, Opus Consulting Group opposes Question 2.

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