Opus Consulting Adds Three Key Hires to Meet Client Service Demand

Apr 12, 2023 | Opus News & Events


Opus Consulting Adds Three Key Hires to Meet Client Service Demand

Fast-growing business performance advisory firm adds new consultant, analyst, and marketing talent

PORTLAND, ME, April 13, 2023 – Opus Consulting Partners LLC (“Opus Consulting”) is proud to
announce the addition of three key new hires to support the firm’s growing roster of clients and service
capabilities. Located in Portland, ME, Opus Consulting helps companies in multiple industries and across
the U.S. transform, innovate, and accelerate their business operations.

“Opus Consulting is growing to meet client demand and in anticipation of new and changing operational
and strategic planning needs for businesses in Maine and beyond,” said Jacques Santucci, president,
Opus Consulting. “We are thrilled to welcome these three talented and passionate professionals to the
Opus team.”

Mike Ascanio joined Opus Consulting as a consultant with more than ten years of experience creating
operational efficiency solutions in the automotive, financial services, collectibles, and horticultural
Industries. Mike helps businesses start strong, create positive work environments, and drive long-term
success and profits. He is passionate about aligning himself with his clients’ vision of ownership,
forecasting and anticipating various challenges and opportunities that may arise in meeting that vision,
and providing tailored business plans to optimize the business and achieve goals.

Michael Bosworth is an experienced analyst who works with government agencies and small business
clients in multiple industries. He is primarily focused on compiling industry research, analysis and
forecasting, technical writing, and financial modeling. Prior to joining Opus Consulting, Michael worked
as an analyst in the commercial real estate industry and as an investment analyst conducting economic
and investment research.

Marketing coordinator Mikayla Zordan works with Opus Consulting’s senior management, consultants,
and analysts to support the firm’s marketing initiatives. She previously worked in various operational
support, marketing, and client service roles in the ecotourism, hospitality, retail, and higher education
industries. Mikayla anticipates receiving a B.S. in business administration with a concentration in
marketing from The University of New England in May 2023.

“We’re excited to have Mike, Michael, and Mikayla on the team,” added Connor Yost, partner, Opus
Consulting. “Their individual experience, creativity, and forward-looking problem-solving skills will be
valuable to the firm as we work together to support our client’s financial success.”

About Opus Consulting
Opus Consulting is a business performance advisory firm that helps businesses and executive leadership
teams transform, innovate, and accelerate their operations, creating solutions to empower businesses.

Launched in 2009 by founder Jacques Santucci, Opus has grown to provide strategic management and
turnaround services to clients facing operational challenges and uncertainty across the U.S. With deep
understanding of clients in regulatorily complex industries such as cannabis and alcoholic beverages,
hospitality, food and beverage, agriculture, energy, and with North American Indian Tribes, Opus
management consultants leverage their networks and experience in uncertain environments to help
businesses and executive leadership teams thrive. Learn more at opuscg.com.

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