One Minute With…Oliver Kruze

Jan 11, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

Meet Oliver Kruze, the Chief Executive Officer of Tikun Olam USA (Tikun), a leading figure in the medical cannabis industry. With over two decades of pioneering research and expertise rooted in Israel, Oliver is spearheading Tikun Olam’s mission in the United States. Tikun Olam holds the unique distinction of being the first organization officially licensed by a national government to provide medical cannabis treatment.

Under Oliver’s guidance, Tikun Olam has curated the world’s largest strain-specific patient data repository and has conducted an impressive portfolio of over 30 clinical trials and studies based on their heirloom strains. Patients across the USA, Europe, Canada, Israel, and Australia rely on Tikun’s medicinal products, all thanks to Oliver’s unwavering commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality cannabis-based solutions to those in need.

Oliver Kruze plays a pivotal role in driving Tikun Olam’s mission to “Repair the World” by providing effective and quality cannabis products with proven efficacy for a wide range of ailments and improved well-being. His visionary leadership and dedication to this cause are evident in his contributions to the field.

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