One Minute With…Doug Packard

Mar 20, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

We have a new episode of ‘One Minute With’! Jacques sat down with Doug Packard, CEO at Peer Groups Maine.

Peer Advisory Groups, provide Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development in Maine and New Hampshire. Peer Advisory Groups meet monthly to provide a safe environment where CEOs, Presidents and Business Owners come together to remove the obstacles that keep them from being their best. Doug’s role is to find the best group members, lead their monthly forum meetings, and provide support to these leaders and their team members.

The CEO Peer Group idea works by leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our Forum Members for the benefit of each individual and the group. It provides the participants with an ongoing education in business from business owners and CEO’s who have gained their knowledge and experience in the real world running their own businesses.

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