One Minute With…Dominique Mendiola

Feb 21, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

In this episode Jacques Santucci welcomes Dominique Mendiola, Senior Director of Colorado Marijuana & Natural Medicine Divisions, to “One Minute With.” Mendiola began her work at the Marijuana Enforcement Division in 2014, where she previously served as the Division’s Deputy Director. In July 2018, former Governor John Hickenlooper announced Mendiola as Colorado’s Director of Marijuana Coordination, where she provided cross-agency coordination and advised the Governor and regulators on Colorado’s cannabis framework. Prior to joining the Marijuana Enforcement Division, she practiced law in Texas and Colorado with a focus in civil litigation.

Mendiola leads a dynamic approach to public service by fostering innovation and collaboration with a commitment to performing with high integrity, superior standards, and passion. Her objective is to serve the citizens of the State of Colorado in a manner that enhances operational efficiencies, reflects innovative problem-solving, and facilitates internal and external collaboration.

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