One Minute With…Deirdre Wadsworth

Mar 15, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

Meet Deirdre Wadsworth, President at Hardypond Construction.

Deirdre Wadsworth began learning the construction trade in third grade when her father, Bob Gaudreau, founded Hardypond Construction. Her summer breaks and weekends were spent working as a laborer/cleaner at construction worksites. By high school, Deirdre was driving dump trucks, hauling heavy equipment, and operating backhoes.

In 2006, after graduating with a BA in Economics from the University of Denver and completing a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA, Deirdre began working at Hardypond full-time. This was the first time she had experienced aspects of the construction industry not found on a worksite, such as blueprint design, meetings with architects, and the bidding process. After witnessing the life cycle of a project, Deirdre gained a comprehensive understanding of construction and decided she wanted a role in the family business. Deirdre took over as President for her father in 2015.

In addition to her undergraduate degree, Deirdre has an MBA with a focus on Sustainability from Green Mountain College and is a LEED Accredited Professional with a Building Design and Construction credential. Her construction upbringing, coupled with her academic experience and certifications, has given Deirdre more construction and construction business experience than most her age. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to every Hardypond project.

On a macro level, Deirdre loves overseeing all the parts that are necessary for successful construction to take place. Her affinity for managing the many pieces of the whole allows Deirdre to see the big picture, predict potential issues, and solve problems quickly and correctly when they happen.

On a smaller scale, Deirdre loves delving into the fine details of construction. Hardypond’s renovation work, especially historic renovation work, presents unique construction obstacles. Much like her father, Deirdre enjoys figuring out how to overcome these obstacles and revels in the complexity construction offers. Operating this way throughout her lifelong construction career has given Deirdre valuable knowledge for solving any client dilemma.

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