One Minute With…Brian Silva

Jan 11, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

Meet Brian A. Silva, a distinguished Partner at Withum. As a certified public accountant (CPA), Brian plays a pivotal role in the firm’s expanding accounting and auditing practice. He is renowned for delivering exceptional client service and providing invaluable guidance on achieving compliance, maximizing profitability, and financial projections.

With over 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry, Brian is a trusted advisor to more than 80 cannabis companies spanning across 13 states. His expertise extends to leading cannabis audit engagements, ensuring clients meet the expectations of investors and debtors. Additionally, Brian manages audit review and compilation services for clients representing diverse industries, such as construction, manufacturing, real estate development, education, and healthcare.

One of Brian’s key strengths lies in devising innovative tax planning strategies that help cannabis companies mitigate IRS Section 280E tax burdens. This, in turn, enables these companies to reinvest in their business or provide returns to their investors.

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