One Minute With…Brian Anderson

Jan 25, 2024 | Podcasts & Webinars

We welcome Brian Anderson, a founding partner of Anderson Porter Design, to “One Minute With.” Brian is an expert in cannabis architecture with over 10 years of experience designing over 45 cultivation faculties and approximately 35 retail stores across 23 states. His Harvard and RISD education in the craft tradition of making and designing objects combined with an analytic data-driven process has allowed him to provide customized solutions that drive value along the cannabis supply chain.  Brian prioritizes sustainability and best practices, actively educating his clients on how to integrate these principles into their design and innovation processes.

With a deep understanding of industry regulations and best practices, Brian ensures his clients operate safely and in compliance with applicable regulations. By developing customized solutions that promote sustainability and responsible environmental practices, his clients are well-positioned for success in the rapidly-evolving cannabis industry.

Brian’s expertise and guidance help his clients pioneer innovative and sustainable solutions that create a more environmentally responsible future for the cannabis industry.

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