New Brunswick Business Delegation To Maine

Aug 23, 2011

Opus Consulting Group is working with Atlantica Group LLC to welcome a business delegation from New Brunswick to Maine.

On September 19 – 20, 2011, a business delegation from New Brunswick, Canada will be visiting Bangor and Portland, Maine with the goal of making productive connections with Maine companies and organizations.

For information on any of these companies or to arrange a meeting, please contact Perry Newman of Atlantica Group LLC, or on (207) 553-9228, or Jacques Santucci of Opus Consulting Group at, or on (207) 619-1899.

The representants of companies will be vailable to meet on the 19th in Bangor and the 20th in Portland.


Cognitive X Solutions ( is a custom software developer based in Moncton, NB. The company provides comprehensive IT solutions, including web applications and process management. Many projects are protected by NDA, but the company has worked with government to manage databases with a web front end, and to develop interfaces for govt. agencies, back-end reporting systems and the like. It has also worked in the insurance industry to develop sites for agents, providing access to complex systems, limiting access, security etc. In the manufacturing context, it has developed software that interacts with physical devices, captures data and compares it with historical data.

Cognitive X is interested in meeting with companies with whom it might partner to pursue projects together, share projects, or otherwise collaborate.



CMS Consulting ( is focused on knowledge management and protection. It is an Open Text partner, with expertise in document and records management as well as security considerations, including disaster recovery and business continuity. The company performs security audits and develops solutions involving records management and access features.


CMS is interested in meeting with companies with whom it might partner to pursue projects together, share projects, or otherwise collaborate, as well as with potential clients and end-users.



NB Research and Productivity Council ( is a sophisticated and comprehensive analytical testing and research laboratory with experience and facilities appropriate for a wide range of industrial testing and R & D.  The company builds prototypes, provides failure analysis, can analyze air, water, gas and tissue samples, and engages in contract R & D across a wide range of industries, including food, paper, power generation and renewable energy.


Interested in meeting engineers and others in occasional need of testing and analysis, as well as meeting with companies interested in the firm’s testing and R & D capabilities.


Northwest Tree Trimming ( is an experienced company that provides comprehensive tree, brush trimming and removal services. With clients such as NB Power, NB Dept. of Transportation, Aliant and Rogers, the company isinterested in working with Maine companies and departments to respond to emergency or disaster situations in which clearing of roads, etc. may be required.


Available to meet on the 19th in Bangor and the 20th in Portland.


Relish Gourmet Burgers ( is a franchise-model, quick service restaurant system with a product focus on gourmet burgers. Just two years old, the company already has six (6) franchises in New Brunswick, another slated to open within a month, and still another scheduled to open in Nova Scotia before the end of 2011.


The company is interested in expanding into the state of Maine, and is interested in meeting with potential investors, referrers and others with an interest or knowledge of franchise restaurant operations.



Silk Stevens Limited ( is a professional engineering firm with particular expertise in civil engineering, environmental design and management. The company also has exceptional expertise in marine services, particularly aquaculture.

The firm is currently designing the largest recirculation hatchery in North America (“Northern Harvest,” located in Newfoundland.) The firm’s experience is not limited to salmon aquaculture, as it has worked on shellfish aquaculture projects as well.

The company would like to meet with owners and operators of hatcheries and aquaculture centers generally, with environmental consultants and engineers involved in aquaculture, and with regulators involved in aquaculture, so as to better understand the business and regulatory environment.



Outreach Productions ( is a full-service design, web development and media production company. Based in the Fredericton area, Outreach has developed a particular niche in creating media in Chinese and Korean (as well as other languages.)

In addition to the language capabilities, Outreach is expert in utilizing social media in those languages. Thus, a video or DVD presentation created by Outreach in those languages can have a longer shelf-life via Outreach’s understanding of Chinese and Korean social media tools and sites.

The company is interested in meeting companies with a need to reach out to Chinese and Korean audiences via video and/or other media, and those with an interest in developing social media strategies in those languages, such as economic development organizations and companies active, or looking to become active, in China and Korea.

For information on any of these companies or to arrange a meeting, please contact Perry Newman of Atlantica Group LLC at, or on (207) 553-9228, or Jacques Santucci of Opus Consulting Group, or on (207) 619-1899.

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