Oct 4, 2012

Opus Consulting Group is working with Atlantica Group LLC to welcome a business delegation from New Brunswick to Maine.

A delegation of businesspersons from New Brunswick will be visiting Maine from October 16 – October 18, 2012. These companies are keen to meet Maine businesses interested in developing opportunities together. Have a look at the descriptions below, and contact us (info provided below) if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Bonte Foods — — Bonte is Atlantic Canada’s largest supplier of deli meats and preparations, including Greek “gyro” meat, as well as meals, in the “grab and go” category. Bonte is keen to meet food service distributors, restaurateurs, and grocery stores with an interest in its Greek food preparations in particular.


Winkler Aqua Service – – Winkler has developed a highly successful and super-effective septic system that has been widely used in Europe. The company is keen to sell in Maine and, if demand is sufficient, to manufacture in Maine. Product info is here: The company would like to meet site evaluators, waste water engineers and, potentially, regulators involved in waste water issues.


Fundy Stevedoring — — Fundy Stevedoring is a global organization of shipping and logistics resources with a cold food and dry storage facility in Bayside, NB. The company is looking to develop partnerships and explore ways it can work with logistics and port professionals to offer effective and niche services and resources to shippers. It is looking to collaborate with Maine companies, potentially to combine strengths and facilities for mutual benefit.


Wigscan –– — a leading designer and importer of specialty wigs and hairpieces for women experiencing hair loss, in some cases owing to cancer treatments. Also a leading importer of an exclusive line of German wigs called “Gisela Mayer.” The company is looking for high-end wig shops to whom to offer exclusive rights, but is most interested in identifying storage and “pick and pack” facilities in the area. The company would like to import from China and Germany, directly to a facility in Maine, and then ship from Maine to other parts of the country.




If you are interested in arranging a meeting with any of these firms, contact Perry Newman at, (207) 553-9228 or Jacques Santucci (Opus Consulting Group) at (207) 619 1899.



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