Navigating Cannabis Industry Financial Challenges: Receivership and Bankruptcy Insights

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Navigating Receivership and Bankruptcy in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry, despite its rapid growth, is not immune to financial challenges. Companies within this sector may encounter financial hardships, prompting them to consider bankruptcy and alternative options like receivership. These challenges can arise from various factors, including regulatory complexities, challenging financing terms, a taxing framework, inadequate management, and unrealistic expectations, among others.

Exploring Financial Solutions

There are multiple options to consider for turning around these businesses, with most of them aiming to avoid court involvement. This article delves into the unique dynamics of receivership in the cannabis sector, shedding light on the complexities it entails and potential solutions.

Receivership in the Cannabis Industry

Receivership is a legal process in which an independent third party, known as a receiver, is appointed by the court to oversee the assets and operations of a financially troubled or insolvent company. In the cannabis industry, this process can be triggered by financial mismanagement, regulatory non-compliance, or a combination of both. The primary goals of receivership are to protect creditors’ interests, maximize asset value, and ensure the company’s continued operation within legal boundaries.

A recent report from the Boston Business Journal highlights the significance of receivership in the Massachusetts cannabis industry, showcasing the real-world impact of these proceedings.

Bankruptcy in the Cannabis Sector

In contrast, bankruptcy is a formal legal proceeding in which a business seeks protection from creditors while it restructures or liquidates its assets to settle debts. However, the intricate regulatory environment surrounding cannabis complicates bankruptcy proceedings. Federal laws classify cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance, rendering it illegal. This federal stance significantly limits the options available to cannabis companies seeking bankruptcy protection. As a result, most cannabis businesses are compelled to seek relief under state insolvency laws, which often lack the comprehensive protections provided by federal bankruptcy law.

For more insights into bankruptcy and receivership in the cannabis industry, check out this informative article from Cannabis Business Executive.


Receivership and bankruptcy proceedings, in general, demand a profound understanding of the industry, business and financial management, operational flexibility, asset valuation complexities, and the constraints imposed by federal and other relevant laws. In the cannabis industry, these challenges are compounded by the necessity for expertise in navigating the intricate regulatory landscape and comprehending the rapidly evolving market.

Companies and stakeholders must collaborate closely with experts experienced in both cannabis business and law, as well as insolvency proceedings, to effectively navigate these challenges. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, addressing financial distress and insolvency will remain an ongoing challenge, necessitating innovative solutions and legal expertise. Recent filings in Massachusetts, California, Michigan, and Nevada serve as testaments to this unfortunate trend.

Opus Consulting named Receiver for The Source in Nevada.

In July 2023, Jacques Santucci, President of Opus Consulting was appointed Receiver of The Source by a Nevada District Court and approved by the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. In this capacity, Opus has taken control of the company’s assets and is operating the business along with the assistance of the current staff, while also moving forward with a plan to market the assets for sale in late 2023.

The Source Holdings LLC. is a Las Vegas, Nevada based premium vertical operator providing a unique customer experience through quality products and excellent customer service. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Las Vegas, The Source has been a staple in the Nevada local market. It has a vertical integrated operations throughout the state with 2 cultivation sites, 1 manufacturing facility and 5 retail stores around Las Vegas, Reno, and Pahrump. Its in-house brands (CAMP, HighHeads,…) resonate with locals and tourists for their quality, value flower, unique live rosin profiles, and crafted edibles. An experienced player within the cannabis industry can recognize the opportunity at hand and with strong leadership, can steward growth for years to come, in the attractive and growing Nevada market.

About Opus Consulting: Opus Consulting is a business performance advisory firm that helps businesses and executive leadership teams transform, innovate, and accelerate their operations, creating solutions to empower businesses. Launched in 2009 by founder Jacques Santucci, Opus has grown to provide strategic management and turnaround services to clients facing operational challenges and uncertainty across the U.S. With a deep understanding of clients in regulatorily complex industries such as cannabis and alcoholic beverages, hospitality, food, and beverage, agriculture, energy, and with North American Indian Tribes, Opus management consultants leverage their networks and experience in uncertain environments to help businesses and executive leadership teams thrive. Learn more at

For questions, interest inquiries, and other communications please reach out to Jacques Santucci of Opus Consulting, via email to or phone, (207) 619-1899.

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Jacques Santucci

As the President of Opus Consulting, Jacques brings years of leadership experience in the entertainment, tourism, financial services and technology industries. His expertise lies within business strategy and management, new business ventures, due diligence, accounting, process improvement, financial systems, planning and analysis, and sales and marketing strategy. Prior to founding Opus Consulting, Jacques began his career at Ernst & Young and Universal Pictures in Paris, France. Since moving to Maine in 1999, Jacques has held several executive positions and engaged in an array of consulting assignments. In his free time, Jacques enjoys riding his motorcycle, skiing, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two daughters. Jacques holds a degree from EDHEC School of Management in Lille, France with a concentration in Finance.
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