“Intern”al Reflections

Jul 22, 2011

As a French and Economics double major at Bowdoin College in
Brunswick, I had always wanted to work for a financial-services firm
in Maine for the summer. Spending my summer here at Opus was one of
the most informative and interesting summers of my life. I was
fortunate enough to get a snapshot of the consulting industry—a field
I hope to one day enter—and also see what it is like to run a small
business (something I think is also further down the road for me).
Reading business models, looking at company financials, and sitting in
on meetings gave me a lot of valuable experience in consulting.
Furthermore, seeing how Jacques manages every facet of the business
from payroll to marketing really opened my eyes about the realities of
entrepreneurship. It constantly amazes me how Jacques seemed to juggle
a constantly-ringing cell phone, meetings, and the more mundane parts
of running a business. Of course, Opus also wouldn’t be what it is
today without Ethan, Brian, and Brad, who are some of the friendliest,
smartest, and professional guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to work
with. Guy likes them make me want to grow up to work in consulting.

The business community of Portland is quite different from the
environment I’m accustomed to (that of Phoenix, AZ). Here, everyone
seems to know each other, and it’s rare that Opus members walk down
the street without being recognized. There aren’t really many big
corporations that dominate the local economy, so most people I met
were either small business owners or service-industry professionals.
And, unlike most corporate men I’ve met elsewhere, people seemed very
happy with their professions. Everyone has been extremely friendly,
usually reminiscing with me about his or her own college days and
giving me career advice.

When I head back to Bowdoin in the fall, I’ll hopefully continue to do
some work for Opus. But even if I don’t bring much work back to
Bowdoin (being a student is a full-time job!), I’ll bring back with me
the experiences and relationships I had here in Portland this summer.
There’s a bright future ahead for the group, and I’m extremely
fortunate to have had the chance to contribute some notes to the Opus
of Jacques, Brad, Brian, and Ethan.

Ian Brandon

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