We assist companies from startup to turnaround, bringing clarity and enabling long-term growth.

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Our past projects in the automotive industry led us from the factory floor to the dealership showrooms, from Germany to the United States. We have advised C-level executives on a variety of business issues, including pricing, sales and marketing processes, and dealership management.

Beyond our focus on financial metrics, we are strong believers in the power of data analytics to inform and support performance improvement initiatives. Whether the challenge at hand lies with your internal processes or with your customers, our team is able to assist its clients from strategy to implementation.

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Construction & Real Estate

We pride ourselves in having contributed to several local landmark real estate development projects, coordinating, and aligning with all stakeholders to bring projects to completion on time and under budget.

We work with entrepreneurs, developers, investors, lenders, and contractors to orchestrate the different aspects of greenfield and brownfield development opportunities.

Our real estate experience spans different industry business segments including real estate development, property management, and commercial and industrial real estate investment. In particular, we provide expertise and capacity to small teams looking for flexible or long-term assistance for their financial functions including financial analysis and reporting, tax credit support (e.g. TIF, Opportunity Zones), asset acquisition and disposal, project management and budget tracking, and negotiation with landlords and tenants.

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Opus Consulting has worked on a number of pre-revenue projects, business and financial plans, feasibility studies, and economic impact analysis for the energy sector.

We are proud to have contributed to the development and implementation of innovative, renewable energy generation projects. Whether aimed at tapping biomass or sun resources, our team is able to model and plan for financial success, while highlighting local and regional economic development implications.

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Food & Beverage

Manufacturers of premium quality and craft food and beverage products come to Opus Consulting to unlock growth opportunities. Supporting ambitious food entrepreneurs from conception to scaling their operations, Opus Consulting prides itself on supporting the best delicacies in the New England region.

Depending on the specific challenges of the client, be it distribution, manufacturing process, or accounting, our team works hand in hand with management teams and owners to facilitate and implement change. Craft brewers, confectioners, and food processors rely on Opus Consulting to address their challenges head-on including pricing, assortment, distribution, activity-based costing, business development, and CFO services.

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Forestry & Agriculture

Over the years, our team has helped farmers expand their value-added production, seek financial support, and streamline their operations. Moving away from the perils of commoditization, we shape, plan, budget, and manage forward-thinking food and farming projects.

Our data analytics expertise coupled with our financial management perspective allows us to quickly pinpoint performance issues and identify key improvement areas. From there, we assist our clients in executing and capturing these opportunities with the consumer and the local ecosystem in mind.

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Healthcare facilities provide vital services to our communities and, as with other businesses, they can face operational and financial business challenges. Our focus on health services and technology has led us to advise and guide large care providers and fast-growing startups towards success.

From senior care facilities to consumer apps, we have boosted financial and operational performance for our healthcare clients by analyzing and designing financial and technology-driven processes and systems.

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The New England region boosts many popular vacation destinations from historic cities to miles of beautiful coastline. The hospitality industry is a large driver of economic prosperity throughout the region and Opus Consulting has worked with independent hotels and hospitality groups to improve financial and operational performance.

Our team can improve internal procedures and offer customized financial performance consulting specifically tailored to the complexities of owning and operating a hospitality business.

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Opus Consulting is pleased to have worked with several local and regional manufacturing clients over the years. Our comprehensive approach balancing quantitative and qualitative data analysis helps provide manufacturing clients clarity and a path forward in a highly competitive environment.

We understand the need for manufacturing businesses to pursue review growth opportunities, while making operations leaner. Our team’s ability to see the full scope of our client’s operational challenges allows us to position our manufacturing clients for financial success.

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Professional Services

Professionals service firms excel at what they do but often need an external eye to challenge them and take them to the next level. Law firms, creative agencies, and architects we have worked with in the past all found themselves at a crossroads and trusted us to help them make the right decisions.

The situations may be very diverse; preparing an exit strategy, identifying and pursuing revenue growth opportunities, or making operations leaner. In each case, Opus Consulting brings structure, planning, and process to the table, providing a clear path forward for business owners and shareholders. Our engagement model is extremely flexible to meet the very unique business needs of our clients and their budget.

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Retail businesses throughout New England trust Opus Consulting to offer strategic guidance designed to establish long-term success in this highly competitive environment.

Our cross-functional approach to consulting ensures that our clients get a 360-degree review of their business and related improvement opportunities. In addition to our comprehensive data analysis approach, our team provides retail businesses of all sizes a clear roadmap to improved operational performance.

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Tourism & Leisure

We are intimately familiar with the challenges and business models of the tourism and leisure industry. Our constant emphasis on customer experience helps businesses design and adapt their service offerings and operating models to stand out from the competition and ultimately improve their top and bottom line.

We have helped numerous businesses start, grow, and turn around, assisting with planning, real estate development, and financial management, from gyms to theme parks.

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Building upon years of experience ideating, structuring, and building B2B and B2C software and technology products, the team at Opus Consulting has a deep understanding of the various technology stacks and ecosystems, their challenges, and opportunities.

As speed of execution is critical to get to product-market fit and scale SaaS and mobile products, Opus Consulting brings bandwidth and expertise to ambitious entrepreneurs and investors seeking to fund, design, and monetize their digital products.

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Tribal Business

Native American Tribes and their businesses face many challenges in their respective industries. We have helped several Tribes plan for and move forward with ambitious, innovative projects.

Our familiarity with the different Native American business organizations and networks, agency programs, and 8(a) contracts provide us with an edge over other consulting firms. With economic development and community in mind, our Tribal engagements have spanned various industry and business models, ranging from energy projects to food value-added production. Assessing the feasibility and economic impact of these different capital projects has been critical to ensuring the long-term success of these new ventures.

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Legal Cannabis

The cannabis division of Opus Consulting was formed in 2014 to serve the rapidly-expanding legal cannabis industry. Our team is composed of seasoned business leaders who have held executive and leadership positions for statewide medical marijuana operations and who have established their own adult-use retail stores.

“We have always found Opus Consulting to be a results-driven group of professionals that truly work to understand business needs & personal goals”

James Chalmers

Vice President of Sales, Chalmers Insurance Group

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