Hitting goals across your organization

by | May 22, 2024 | Business Insights

No matter the size of your organization, chances are you have some firm or soft goals you have your sights set on achieving within the next one to three years. (If you don’t, you should make some, but that’s another post). Making progress towards these shared goals requires everyone within your organization to start rowing in the same direction. 

Bringing people on board to help you achieve organization-wide goals is not as simple as it sounds. Announcing your big goal at the start of the year and hoping everyone falls in line and understands what that means for them personally sounds nice, but isn’t realistic.

Oftentimes, managers and individual contributors get caught up in executing daily and weekly tasks or putting out fires, and longer-term objectives fall into the background within a few months of their introduction.

Thus, leaders must translate their high-level goals into tactical objectives for each member of their team. They must also create accountability measures to ensure that there is consistent progress being made toward those goals.

Here are a few tips to help you break down goals into objectives, and rally your team around achieving them!

  1. Create a vision of success for your organization’s long-term goals so everyone understands and supports the objectives. Set a specific time frame for the long-term goal, to create broader accountability across the team.
  2. Break down the time period into smaller actionable chunks, and schedule regular reviews to align with those dates. Assign specific components of the goal to each manager to align responsibilities with the overall goal.
  3. Ensure every team member owns a portion of the goal by empowering managers to delegate tasks, breaking down larger objectives into actionable items.
  4. Hit targets or pivot: Communicate challenges in meeting targets and reconnect at set intervals to ensure progress is made and everyone is on board and accountable.
  5. Identify and support those committed to the goals, addressing vision or accountability issues, and consider parting ways with those who repeatedly can’t align with the team’s direction.

Alice Evans

Alice Evans

Alice’s experience is in management, operations, and strategy. At Opus, Alice supports clients in developing and implementing strategic plans to improve internal operations and overall performance. With years of experience managing people and overseeing operations, sales and service teams, Alice offers a solutions-focused perspective to partnering with clients in these key areas of business. Prior to joining Opus, Alice worked for a large international nonprofit organization, where she developed programs and launch strategies in expanding markets, and managed domestic program sales, operations, and support. Alice has earned professional certificates in management, sales management and training, and fundraising and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology and Society from Colby College. Alice currently sits on the board of two Portland- based organizations and in her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending as much time outdoors as possible.
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