Episodes 3 of BG & Opus Consulting Group Re-Invent Videocast with John Lawlor of Maugel Architects

Jul 20, 2020 | Opus & BG

Episodes 3 of Re-Invent Videocast with Don Martelli of the Belfort Group and our president Jacques Santucci features John Lawlor, COO of Maugel Architects, and discusses how his firm has adapted to the disruption of COVID-19, tips for managing staff expectations about work, and how he expects business to evolve in the future.

Topics discussed in this week’s episode include:

  • Advice for managing staff remotely
    • Dealing with different work styles and generational differences
    • Keeping employees engaged
    • Adjusting team structures and workloads
    • Balancing autonomy and productivity
    • Onboarding new employees
    • Creating expectations and infrastructure
  • Business development
    • Dedicating time to reach out
      • Connecting and understanding before selling
      • Finding how you can help
    • Workforce training, bonding, and improvement
      • Ask what is going well, what is not, and how to improve
      • Invest in and learn about your workers, their passions, and their goals to help them succeed in their career and your company 
  • Silver linings of COVID-19
    • Reduction of costs and increased efficiency
      • You don’t always need to meet face-to-face
      • New methods of working and communicating using technology
        • The ability to virtually bring plans and ideas to life
        • Efficient to create and change
      • Less commuting and more efficient meetings
    • Flexibility and autonomy for employees
    • Increased building and health standards
      • Light, air, and noise quality
      • Well-being of employees

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