Episodes 2 of BG & Opus Consulting Group Re-Invent Videocast with Jim Chalmers of Chalmers Insurance Group

Jul 10, 2020 | Opus & BG

Episodes 2 of Re-Invent Videocast with Don Martelli of the Belfort Group and our president Jacques Santucci features Jim Chalmers of Chalmers Insurance Group and covers company culture, customer relations, how to adapt to COVID-19, and how to help your company thrive long-term.

Topics discussed in this week’s episode include:

  • The useful role of technology in successful adaptation
    • Online meetings 
    • Cloud-based services
  • Communication
    • Staying connected with employees and clients
    • Transparency
    • Shifting corporate culture
  • Sales and Marketing
    • How to maintain existing client relationships through proactive outreaching
    • How to attract new clients by networking with existing clients
  • Silver linings
    • Increased efficiency and productivity from less travelling and more face-to-face communication
    • The normalization of working from home leading to larger talent pools and more employee autonomy
    • New services and products 

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