Circus Conservatory- Transforming Portland

Sep 10, 2014

OCircus-Happenspus Consulting Group has been working with the Circus Conservatory of America in their beginning steps in transforming Thompson’s Point into the first Bachelors of Fine Arts in Circus Arts in North America. There is no doubt that the Circus Conservatory has made a huge impact on Portland and will continue to make strides in promoting athleticism and culture around the city. Hillary Webb of the Circus Conservatory of America recently wrote an article about how circus culture has transformed the Saint-Michael District of Montreal into a thriving cultural hot spot.  The Saint-Michael district, which was once a rundown industrial part of Montreal has now become world renowned as “La Cité des Art du Cirque” or “The Circus Arts City.”  This circus arts capital of the world has proven to be an economic goldmine for the city.  Generating $70.7 million in post-tax revenue, “The Circus Arts City” has proven to be an essential part of Montreal.  Circus artistry does not only bring cultural wealth into metropolitan areas, but also brings physical wealth.

This raises questions for what the Circus Conservatory can do for the city of Portland.  Webb clarifies that the Circus Conservatory plans to follow their own path, with “The Circus Arts City” as a role model.  She mentions how Portland has their own culture and they would like to see that shine through the conservatory.  With the Circus Conservatory being the only certified Circus College in the United States, it is safe to say that there is great potential for Portland, ME to be the thriving circus hub of America. To learn more about what the circus has to offer in Portland, click here and watch how “circus happens”!

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