Exit Strategy Planning

At Opus Consulting Group, we will help you understand how to grow and protect the value of your business while ensuring that you are able to transition at a time that is optimal for you and the business.  The average business owner has 75% of their net worth tied up in their business, yet 80% of businesses are not saleable today for what the business owner expects.  In most cases, the transition out of the business will be the most significant financial event of your life, so why not speak with an experienced professional who will help manage the process?

Opus Consulting Group will map out the transition process for your business in order to maximize profit and minimize stress. Our exit planning process has 6 distinct steps:

1. Establish Exit Goals

2. Measure Readiness to Exit

3. Indentify which Exiting Owner You Most Resemble

4. Learn and choose your optimal Exit

5. Understand the Value of the option you choose

6. Execute your Exit Strategy Plan to Achieve your  Exit Goals  and Protect Your illiquid Wealth

Are you a business owner?  Have you considered how / when you will leave your business?  At some point, every business owner will need to address these questions but many are unprepared.  Let Opus Consulting Group help you develop and execute a plan that maximizes the value of your business and allows you to achieve both your personal and business goals.


Merger &Acquisition Support

Our team of professionals have been involved in M&A transactions for International companies as well as for local businesses. We are always looking forward to create a relationship with our client to achieve their goals.

Opus Consulting Group services include:

M&A Strategy / Exit Strategy

Due Diligence Support


Financial Modeling and Business Plan

Financing Strategies

Post Transaction Strategy and Consulting

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