Corporate Renewal Services

Opus Consulting Group will help business owners and corporate management during transition periods which may require Corporate Renewal strategies.

Corporate Renewal, by definition is the process of completely changing a company in order to make it become more successful.

Our approach of Corporate Renewal:

–          Business Review and Situation Assessment
–          Planning and Strategic Evaluation
–          Advise and Implementation
–          Results and Outcome

At Opus, our professionals can provide both small and large scale strategic solutions based on your needs.

Our Corporate Renewal Services include:

  • Financial Management

    • Cash Flow Management
    • Interim Management
    • (CEO/CFO)Working Capital Loan
    • Restructuring Forensic
    • Accounting Financial Modeling
    • Business Plan
    • Bankruptcy Advisory
    • Debt & Equity Advisory
    • M&A Support

  • Operational Management

    • Operational & Financial
    • Restructuring Internal
    • Controls Interim Management
    • (CEO/COO) Productivity
    • Improvement Sales & Marketing
    • Strategy Asset Recovery & Deployment
    • Business Metrics
    • Change  Management

  • Strategic Management

    • Business Growth
    • Interim Management
    • (CEO/COO)Business
    • Plan & Financial
    • Modeling New Project
    • Strategy New Market
    • Study Product
    • Positioning Exit Strategy
    • Turnaround Management


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