Business Acceleration

Your business may be well established or just getting started. Either way,  a catalyst is often necessary to jump-start operations for your business to reach the next level. Opus Consulting will be that catalyst and help accelerate your business to new heights.

The most enduring companies plan on 3-5 year, one year, and 90-day horizons.  Energy is put into developing key objectives every quarter, and achievements are managed weekly.  At Opus Consulting, we can help you outline and achieve those objectives with the following documents to help accelerate your business.

Business Plan
Financial Model
Cash Flow Analysis

If your business requires a well-written and tailored solution, contact a professional at Opus to develop a strategic business plan.   A well written strategic business plan is the one document that can be used to achieve the following:

– Reinforce or create the culture of the organization
– Share management’s view of where the company is and their vision of where the company is going
– Align the efforts of the entire workforce
– Guide decisions and actions throughout the year
– Define short and long term goals
– Set clear measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals
– Define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress and afford accountability

Contact us today to find out about our experience and hear how we can help with you business plan and financial model.